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Chairman TIM'2023 Conference:

Spirin Nikolay Aleksandrovich – Honored Worker of Russian Federation Higher School, Head of chair "Thermophysics and informatics in metallurgy" Ural Federal University, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech.;

Scientific Secretary TIM'2021 Conference:

Lavrov Vladislav Vasilyevich – Professor of chair "Thermophysics and Informatics in Metallurgy" Ural Federal University, Dr.Sci.Tech.;

Members of Organizing Committee TIM'2020 Conference:

Baldin Victor Yuryevich – Associate professor of chair "Thermal power plants" Ural Federal University;

Shatunova Darya Viktorovna – Head of department of youth science and the organization of scientific actions Ural Federal University;

Bogatova Tatyana Feoktistovna – Manager of chair "Thermal Power Plants" Ural Federal University, Associate professor, Cand.Tech.Sci.;

Velikij Stanislav Igorevich Commercial Director of the Companies Group "Rimera";

Goltsev Vladimir Arisovich – Associate professor of chair "Thermophysics and informatics in metallurgy" Ural Federal University, Cand.Tech.Sci.;

Denisenko Leonid Grigoryevich – Adviser of the industry and science of Sverdlovsk region;

Dmitriyev Andrey Nikolaevich
– Chief researcher of "Institute of metallurgy" Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech.;

Druzhinin Gennady Mikhaylovich – Director of science and equipment of JSC VNIIMT, Professor of chair "Thermophysics and Informatics in Metallurgy" Ural Federal University, Winner of the Award of Council of ministers of the USSR in the field of science and equipment, Honored metallurgist of the Russian Federation, Dr.Sci.Tech.;

Zaynullin Lik Anvarovich – the CEO of JSC VNIIMT, the honored metallurgist of the Russian Federation, professor of "Thermophysics and Informatics in Metallurgy" chair URFA, the Dr.Sci.Tech.;

Korelin Andrey Viktorovich – Head of department of scientific researches monitoring, the equipment and competitions Ural Federal University, Cand.Tech.Sci.;

Lisiyenko Vladimir Georgiyevich – Honored worker of science and equipment of the Russian Federation, President of regional office of AIN to them A.M. Prokhorova, Professor of Avtomatika chair Ural Federal University, Dr.Sci.Tech.;

Maximov Andrey Gennadevich – Deputy chief of the Central laboratory of automation and measuring equipment of JSC Sredneuralskiy Copper Smelter;

Malukhin Dmitry Nikolaevich – Director of the branch of JSC Information Systems Jett, Urals;

Matyukhin Vladimir Ilyich – Associate professor of chair "Thermophysics and informatics in metallurgy" Ural Federal University, Cand.Tech.Sci.;

Munts Vladimir Aleksandrovich – Head of the department "Power system and the heating engineer" Ural Federal University, Professor Dr.Sci.Tech.;

Ryzhkov Alexander Filippovich – Professor of chair "Thermal Power Plants" Ural Federal University, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech.;

Sheshukov Oleg Yuryevich – Director of institute of new materials and technologies Ural Federal University, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech.

Science committee

Members of scientific committee TIM'2023 Conference (Russia):

Bukhmirov Vyacheslav Viktorovich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Ivanovo, Russia);

Kulakov Stanislav Matveevich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Novokuznetsk, Russia);

Lavrov Vladislav Vasilyevich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Yekaterinburg, Russia);

Logunova Oksana Sergeyevna, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Magnitogorsk, Russia);

Matyukhin Vladimir Ilyich, Associate Professor, Cand.Tech.Sci. (Yekaterinburg, Russia);

Meshkov Evgeny Ivanovich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Vladikavkaz, Russia);

Myshlyaev Leonid Pavlovich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Novokuznetsk, Russia);

Parsunkin Boris Nikolaevich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Magnitogorsk, Russia);

Pribytkov Ivan Alekseevich, Professor, Cand.Tech.Sci. (Moscow, Russia);

Rybolovlev Valery Yuryevich, Cand.Tech.Sci. (Magnitogorsk, Russia);

Sapozhnikov Sergey Zakharovich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Skuratov Alexander Petrovich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Krasnoyarsk, Russia);

Spirin Nikolay Aleksandrovich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Yekaterinburg, Russia);

Temlyantsev Mikhail Viktorovich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Novokuznetsk, Russia);

Toropov Evgeny Vasilyevich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Chelyabinsk, Russia);

Shnajder Dmitry Aleksandrovich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Chelyabinsk, Russia);

Yachikov Igor Mikhaylovich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Magnitogorsk, Russia);

Foreign members of scientific committee TIM'2020 Conference:

Assis P.S., Professor (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil);

Gordon Yakov Markovic, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Ontario, Canada);

Gubinsky Mikhail Vladimirovich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine);

Isserlin A.S., Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Germany);

Lazich Ladislav, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Zagreb, Croatia);

Maydanchik B., Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (USA);

Luganov Vladimir Alekseevich, Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (Almaty, Kazakhstan);

Chen Kai, "Shandong Iron & Steel Group Co. Ltd." (Mr. Rizhao, Province of Shandong, People's Republic of China);

Chudnovsky Ya., Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. (USA)


Department of Thermophysics and Informatics in Metallurgy,
Institute of New Materials and Technologies,
Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin.

Address: 620002, 28 Mira street, Yekaterinburg, Russia